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Real Estate U


Real Estate U

The Real Estate U Multimedia Show delivers intelligent and entertaining content that makes sense by breaking down all the complex news in real estate. Our specialties include the fundamental principles of new construction sales, builders, buying, and selling residential and commercial real estate. To achieve this, the Real Estate U Multimedia Show can be heard every Saturday from 11am Central, Noon Eastern and 9am Pacific on The Global Live Network at and Streaming Live on 22 Stations; including Apple TV, FaceBook TV, Hulu, Peackock TV, Twitter, Vudu, Sling and many others.

The REU Multimedia Show has been dubbed as being fun, informative, and entertaining, while always delivering important worldwide real estate news and trends. Our real estate multimedia show hosts are experienced and knowledgeable, which makes it easier for them cut through the noise to deliver crucial information and tips that are focused on the inquiring mind. The REU Team consist of E.L. Craine a/k/a "THE DBM" Dina Ramos Salazar "BROKER Extraordinaire" and "MORTGAGE" Mack Blankenship, along with a host of industry contributors.
The weekly panel of each show includes both National & International Guest Host of real estate professionals and other experts who have a passion to educate the buyer/seller/investor to reinvigorate sales for both residential and commercial real estate. In doing so, REU Multimedia works as a bridge to demystify the fog of confusion in the world of real estate and finance. Real Estate U Multimedia.

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